Work for the FDCC - Part 3

The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel is a collection of defense lawyers and corporate counsel; they’ve been around for over eighty years. The Federation offers training, networking, cross-discipline expertise and recommendations, and a whole list of reasons why any in-house and defense counsellor would love to be a part of their ranks. The FDCC President at the time, Scott Kreamer, reached out to us in 2017, inviting us to partner with him on a marketing campaign to create a video presence throughout his Presidential year. The FDCC had done an incredible job to grow and evolve into a large group all across the US as well as internationally, and was looking to take their online and visual presence into the next level. That’s where we came in.

Our final segment for the FDCC was to create a video we named “Member Bios”. In this piece, we wanted to finally hear from some of the FDCC’s members (who even happened to be past Presidents).

We secured a home to do our interviews in, as well as used the offices of a nearby law firm in Kansas City. We had a tight schedule to turn around 2 interviews, a 3rd interview with both members, and then scramble to get enough footage to connect all the pieces from the interviews.

We flew Tim in from Boston, and Vicki came in from Phoenix. Both of them had been members with the FDCC for at least a decade, and had lots of great ideas and things to say about their membership with the FDCC. One of the goals Scott and his team wanted to emphasize was the Federation’s exceptionalism, as well as hearing from Tim and Vicki on what makes the FDCC so great.

We interviewed Tim in the home on Thursday night, then Friday morning and afternoon we interviewed Vicki, Tim and Vicki together, and then got all the extra footage we needed. We were able to get into the courtroom in a high-rise building in downtown Kansas City, and got some shots and sound bytes of Tim and Vicki discussing their involvement with the Federation.


Getting your members on camera is one of the most important pieces to any successful video campaign. The members make up the group, so it’s only natural that other members want to hear from others like them. Even in other industries, getting your clients on camera to provide a testimonial or a good word is one of the most effective, moving, and insightful ways to utilize video to its maximum potential. Every time we sit down with a prospective client to talk about working together, one of the big things we try to push is getting your audience on camera. It’s one of the most powerful ways to use video.