Hey There! My name is Zac, and I've been making videos for the past ten years. I've filmed news stories and football, worked as an in-house filmmaker at large companies, and I've been lucky enough to travel the country on solo video trips. I've even made a few wedding films for my wife over at Forest Picture Co.

But in 2017 I decided to quit my day job, and pursue a seemingly overnight dream to make videos on my own terms, for the people I wanted to work for. This dream turned into Forest Production Company. I wanted to create content for all kinds of clients, not just forced to work on what my company wanted me to work on. 

Since then, I've worked on brewery videos, financial services documentaries, and even some stuff for local government. I've been a director/cinematographer/editor/producer/setup'er and teardown'er. It's been the best professional decision I've ever made. An incredible experience to get to take that ten years of experience filming anything and everything, and apply what works and what doesn't to local businesses here in Northern Colorado.

I make a lot of different types of videos. I've used drones, made corporate videos, handled video editing, video graphics, and post-production. But instead of listing all of that out, putting up a portfolio, and a Contact Page, I wanted to redefine what video services actually are. I've found out that I can usually handle whatever gets thrown my way. But our approach to effective video production at Forest Production Company is a little different.

Instead of the what, why not focus on the why? I believe the work will speak for itself -- and to that end want to talk about making videos for a purpose. Making videos to speak to a need, to showcase an event, or to build excitement around a group of services or products. To show who you are, and what you do. That’s why you’ll find three basic categories on our site.

Companies, People, and Products.

Much like the What/Why/When of a story setting, I believe these are the three things that matter most when advertising, telling a story, or growing excitement. These are the three things everything boils down to in my video world.

And I think that matters! It’s easier to sift through than phrases like “Cinematography, 4K Footage, Color Correction, Editing,” or tons more. Videos that do something for my clients.

So click "Get Started" to find out more. And enjoy these few photos of myself on this page. They're the only images you're likely to find; I'd rather be behind the camera, working on my next project. Or, taking a walk with our dog, Forest.