Work for the FDCC - Part 2


The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel is a collection of defense lawyers and corporate counsel; they’ve been around for over eighty years. The Federation offers training, networking, cross-discipline expertise and recommendations, and a whole list of reasons why any in-house and defense counsellor would love to be a part of their ranks. The FDCC President at the time, Scott Kreamer, reached out to us in 2017, inviting us to partner with him on a marketing campaign to create a video presence throughout his Presidential year. The FDCC had done an incredible job to grow and evolve into a large group all across the US as well as internationally, and was looking to take their online and visual presence into the next level. That’s where we came in.

Our next task in this campaign was to tackle a series of Presidential Videos. We had seen that Scott was sending out these informative, short touch videos every month. These videos went out to all of the members every single month; sort of like a Fireside Chat with President Kreamer. Scott was capturing these videos on his webcam, and on some of these videos they were getting sent out towards the end of the month they were addressing.

We had the idea to help Scott plan out his year’s worth of video addresses, and we would set up a series of interview shots in his home and his office, and we would take an evening to capture all of his monthly videos, as well as a few special announcement videos. It took about half of a day to complete, but when we were finished, Scott had a file filled with over twelve professional audio and visual interviews, ready for his team to upload to YouTube at the beginning of each month. We made sure to plan out what he would want to focus on in, say February, even though we were recording these months before the video would air.



When creating a video campaign, filled with lots of varying content for your viewers, members, clients, or team members, it’s important to not only have quality videos, but consistent and often video touches. The FDCC Presidential videos don’t necessarily have the most stunning visuals or have the largest amount of content in them, but when you look at them from a 30,000 foot perspective, that’s at least one time a month that you’re in front of your audience. Your groups will start to expect to see one of these videos around the same time every month, and you get to help build rapport, regularity, and authority in the lives of your viewers.

There’s always two sides to the coin when it comes to video marketing. Our work with the FDCC has been one of our favorite breakdowns of where the right planning, quality, and consistency can make large dividends and impacts in gaining new members, retention, education, as well as building a brand that anyone would be proud of.