Work for the FDCC - PART 1

The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel is a collection of defense lawyers and corporate counsel; they’ve been around for over eighty years. The Federation offers training, networking, cross-discipline expertise and recommendations, and a whole list of reasons why any in-house and defense counsellor would love to be a part of their ranks. The FDCC President at the time, Scott Kreamer, reached out to us in 2017, inviting us to partner with him on a marketing campaign to create a video presence throughout his Presidential year. The FDCC had done an incredible job to grow and evolve into a large group all across the US as well as internationally, and was looking to take their online and visual presence into the next level. That’s where we came in.

We got straight to work, starting on a series of videos to inform, depict, attract, and celebrate the world’s most preeminent defense organization.

FDCC logo.png

It can be overwhelming to start a video collection for a brand, a person, a company, or an organization like the FDCC. When we were doing our research, reading through old articles, websites, and press releases, we started to understand just how big of a task this was going to be. But, like with all things, it helps to just take that first step; so that’s what we did.

We knew that the FDCC wanted several key things to showcase in their videos : preeminence, excellence, a robust vetting process, warmth and generosity amongst their fellow members, as well as a stringent acceptance process that not only looked at the potential applicant’s legal resume and experience, but also their generosity, honesty, and commitment to helping improve those around them. With all of this in mind, we knew an “Introduction to the FDCC” was a great place to start.

But, we were on a time crunch. We needed to get a video completed and finished up within 72 hours.



When you start a video, there’s always a large list of ideal outcomes. Maybe you want a custom music score, to set you apart from any and all other videos out there -- with one-of-a-kind music only your video has. Or, maybe you’re after an ambitious shoot schedule that spans 3 or 4 days, tons of locations, and multiple interviews with all the important and key people in your organization. Sometimes, we’ve even done ‘dug-in documentaries’, where we follow our subject around for 48 hours and get images of him or her at home, in the workplace, and even serving in their community.

All of those times, we have to start trimming ideas when it comes time to make the video. We pride ourselves on incorporating available budgets, schedules, turn times, and other factors to maximize the best video we can create. You have to prioritize what’s most important with a video. In this case, it was speed.

For our purposes, we had to act quickly, and to incorporate that speed into the tone of the finished video. We traveled to BSCR Law Firm, and they were generous to “donate” some of their staff to make this project a reality. We did a series of scenarios, as well as some voice over work and even did our editing on-site, so we could get real-time feedback from Scott and his team. We think we pulled off a pretty impressive project.


Check out our first project with the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel.

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