Creating a Visual Style - Work for the Chamber of Commerce

Forest Production Company has always been about business promotion. We like making videos for businesses, people, and products. When it comes to finding a place where we can meet and engage with those businesses, people, and products, our local Chamber of Commerce is the place to be.

We know the best way to do that is to make sure you've got great coverage of events. When a  business goes to the trouble to put on a fantastic event, we are there! It's a great way to create a buzz with your clients and potential clients.

When we were based in Lawrence, we partnered with our local Chamber of Commerce to document and capture each of the Big Five Events the Chamber puts on every year. Those big five events ranged from outdoor Oktoberfest get togethers, all the way to the formal annual dinner held every winter. Our job was to create video marketing material that the Chamber could use to promote these events for years to come.

When we’re shooting for event recaps, one of our strategies is to always be moving.

Sometimes we’re trying to cover over 50 booths in a few hours. 

Or just trying to chase the sunlight before it leaves.

And sometimes we just want to add a stylized movement to all of our shots.


Always moving helps give a good balance, rhythm, and motion to the final product. When you watch these videos, there’s a good tempo and energy to the recaps; and it makes you want to check out the next event!

We used this same style for a lot of our videos. We use stabilizers, gimbals, dollies, and even tripods and handheld techniques to capture live events.

One last technique we always do is to vary our shots between people, things, and settings.

On all of these videos you’ll notice we shoot the wider shots of the events first, then we take turns moving in to closer shots of food, then back out to faces and people, then back and forth between the two types of shots. This gives us so many options when we edit, and we also can pull still photos from our video clips. In fact, each of the stills in this article are just color-graded clips that we take moments from, and turn them into photos.

When you’re wanting to showcase an event with photo -and- video, we’ve got it down to a science. Schedule a time to talk with us about how we can maximize your next live event!