Coming up with a Concept - Work for Harvest Bible Chapel

We are proud to be the production company that worked on a very special video for Harvest Bible Chapel - Kansas City.

In 2017, HBC (that’s them) and FProdCo. (that’s us) sat down and put together a video to kick off their new building campaign. Lidstone Creative pulled us in to help cap off a branding campaign called “Forward Together”. They had a lot of great design work already laid out that we got to implement in the video, and we were so happy to get to have a solid design from the top down throughout the campaign.

We broke the production down into two phases : Interviews and On-Site.



Our plan was to get to the church early one Sunday, and shoot in and around service. The best way to do a large amount of interviews like this one is to pick a spot, light for the area, and then just bring people in and out of that spot. There’s no sense in trying to relight and reposition and regroup every time you’ve got a different person to interview. This is especially true when the subject matter doesn’t change (we were asking questions about the new building, the things each person was looking forward to, how their individual areas of ministry would grow, etc.), as well as the length of each interview remains short.

After we shot our quick snip interviews, we got some general footage of the church service, and then packed it up and moved on to the next location.


Next, we shot in-office with the teaching pastor and worship pastor. We had some more in-depth interviews to shoot with them, as well as some general footage of their staff in meetings and looking over the construction plans for the new building, so we set up two different interview shots for Jeff and for Ben.

Once we got the interviews wrapped up, we did a small little sequence with the HBC staff in their conference room. We always like to shoot a little more footage than we know what we’ll need, because it gives us options when we edit. We got lots of great shots of the building schematics that actually made the final edit for the video.


Our last segment of shooting was actually done on location at the building ground for the new building. We got a bunch of the church members together with their family, and had them play around on the new space, stand in a circle, pray and talk, and just be together so we could film it.

Since the location of the new building was one of the central visual themes, we knew we needed excellent drone footage of the lot.

We got to use one of our favorite partners from Kansas City -- Dave Von Fintel -- and he shot some unbelievable footage. Check out his website to see more of his stunning Kansas City aerial cinematography.

After that, we wrapped up, and got to editing. It was a pretty simple edit, since we had tons of great interviews, good planning and vision from HBC staff, and great options when it came to footage. Take a look at the finished product!